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Invictus Steelworks Custom Finishes

Unique artisan finish options for metal table bases, dining tables, conference tables, desks and more

Invictus Steelworks prides itself in offering a robust line of the highest quality custom finishes for all of our unique metal table base designs.  Choose from a stunning palette of architectural paints, hand polished or brushed steel, gold, bronze or silver metallics from our new Metallic line, custom powder coats or a fine hand applied patina.  Not all finishes are shown.  All of our work is handmade in the USA.  We use low VOC environmentally friendly finishes.  Our work cannot be brass plated or chrome dipped.

Architectural Paint

Architectural Paint Finishes 

Our architectural paint palette presents a variety of color options to match any decor.  These paints are suitable for residential, commercial or office use and can be mixed to match a particular shade.  Architectural paint can be used on any of our designs.

Invictus Steelworks Architectural Paint Finish Palette
red custom metal table base finish options

 ME795 Ruby Red

Black Architectural Paint Custom metal table base finish options

 ME792 Black Sapphire

metal dining table base for granite

ME221 Warm Silver on CROSS dining table base

Glass and metal coffee table

Custom Mixed Blue with ME289 Brass Pin Stripe on Metal Coffee Table Base

Polished & Brushed Steel
Brushed and Polished Steel Finishes 

Polished steel is a bright, shiny, naturally reflective finish, enhanced with a glossy lacquer seal    Brushed steel is a muted version of polished steel, and has a similar look and feel to stainless steel appliances.  Our polished and brushed steel finishes are all done by hand.  Polished and brushed finishes are available on most but not all designs.  

Invictus Steelworks Polished and Brushed Steel Finishes
Saarinen Style Tulip Pedestal Base

Saarinen Stye Tulip Pedestal in Polished Steel

luxury glass dining table base.jpg

Triple Wave in Brushed Steel

Vortex Top Side View .jpg

The Vortex in polished steel


NEW!!  Our newest finishes are a collection of amazing metallic hues of gold, bronze and silvers.  Whether you want a bright and sassy gold or silver tone, or a more muted burnished bronze, this color palette is amazing.  Metallic finishes are available for any of our designs.  Photos coming soon!

Invictus Steelworks Metallic Finish Palette
Powder Coats

Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coat finishes are a popular finish for metal furniture for outdoor use, and has increasingly been used for indoors as well. We feature our three most popular powder coat finishes, as there are entirely too many options to list.  If the finish you are looking for is not show, please contact us about custom powder coat options.  A powder coat finish is available on any design.

Invictus Steelworks Powder Coat Options
Cross table for stone.jpg

Cross Table in Matte Black

Dining Table Base Arc

Double Arch in Sun Gold

Bar Height Metal Table Base.jpg

Cross Table in Bronze

Luxury Patina Finishes

We pride ourselves in our hand applied patina finishes, applying a patina is an art form.  Until the final lacquer seal is applied, you can't tell what the final product will look like.  No two patinas are ever the same.  Rich in color, patterns and shades vary not only between applications but with the same application, giving every finish a natural and organic look.  The variation in color is called marbling.  In order to apply a patina, the steel must first be highly polished, which we do by hand.  Patinas are a labor intensive finish.  Once the patina is applied, rinsed and dried, the entire piece must be gently hand sanded.  Patina finishes are versatile and can be modern industrial or modern depending on the decor of the room.  Patina finishes are available on most of our designs.  If a design cannot be fully polished, it cannot be patinated.

Invictus Steelworks Patina Options
Custom metal table base; statement table

Double Arch Trestle Pedestal in Polished Steel

modern industrial pedestal table base

8 Point Star Pedestal in Black Patina

Custom Filing Cabinet; Custom Credenza; modern industrial

Credenza with Black Patina on Metal Top and Steel Gray Patina insets

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