Invictus Steelworks Custom Finishes

Unique artisan finish options for metal table bases, dining tables, conference tables, desks and more

Invictus Steelworks prides itself in offering a robust line of commercial quality custom finishes beyond the traditional matte black for all of our unique metal table base designs.  Choose from a stunning palette of architectural paints, hand polished or brushed steel, custom powder coats or a fine hand applied patina.  Not all finishes are shown.  All of our work is handmade in the USA.

All of our designs are made of mild steel.  Because of the nature of our handmade work, we do not offer or recommend plating of any kind, including brass, nickel or chrome.  For a stainless steel look and feel, we recommend a brushed steel finish.  In lieu of chrome, we recommend a polished still finish.

Introducing Sun Gold Powder Coat:  New 2021

Sun Brassed Gold was introduced in January 2021, replacing the shade Brassy Gold, and quickly became our most popular shade for brass and gold finishes.  For clients interested in brass finishes, this is one of the best options other than one of the brass shades on our architectural paint palette.

Metal table Base; Statement Table
large metal pedestal base; hourglass pedestal table

Architectural Paint Finishes 

Our architectural paint palette boasts wide variety of satin and matte metallic paint options, including a variety of shades of brass and gold, a deep black.  We can also mix custom paint colors and do color matching.

Architectural Paint Custom metal table base finish options
red custom metal table base finish options

New 2021: ME795 Ruby Red

Black Architectural Paint Custom metal table base finish options

New 2021: ME792 Black Sapphire

metal dining table base for granite

ME221 Warm Silver on CROSS dining table base

Glass and metal coffee table

Custom Mixed Blue with ME289 Brass Pin Stripe on Metal Coffee Table Base

Brushed and Polished Steel Finishes 

Polished steel is a bright, shiny, reflective finish, enhanced with a glossy lacquer finish.  Brushed steel is very similar to polished steel, a muted version with a similar look and feel to stainless steel.  

Polished and Brushed Steel metal table base finish
Saarinen Style Tulip Pedestal Base

Saarinen Stye Tulip Pedestal in Polished Steel

Luxury Metal Table Base Dining Table Base

Double Arch Trestle Pedestal in Polished Steel

Luxury Custom Trestle Table Base

Chevron Trestle Table Base in Brushed Steel

Powder Coat Finishes


Powder coat finishes were added to our custom finish options in 2020 and quickly became a popular choice with our clients.  For 2021, we are excited to add a variety of new metallic finish options to our core powder coat options, including new bronze and silver options.  We've also added Java III, which has a stone finish appearance, and three veined options, including copper veined, gold veined, and silver veined on black.  With so many options for powder coat, we can't show them all.  Please contact us for more powder coat options if you don't see what you are looking for, including textured finishes.

Powder Coat Finishes Popular.png
Custom metal conference tabe base

Black Powder Coat on a CROSS Conference Table Base

bar height metal table base bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze on a Bar Height CROSS Table Base

Luxury powder coat metal table base finishes
Luxury Patina Finishes

We pride ourselves in our hand applied patina finishes, applying a patina is an art form in itself.  Unlike paint or powder coat, which are solid uniform colors that are sprayed on, no two patinas are ever exactly the same due to the nature of the process.  We like to call our patina finishes uniquely similar.  Rich in color, the patterns and shades will vary.  The variation in color is called marbling.  In order to apply a patina, the steel must first be highly polished.  We call these finishes uniquely similar because there are so many variables in creating a luxury patina finish that no two are the same.  Color and patterns vary not only between pieces but within the same piece, giving each one a natural and organic appearance. Once the patina is applied, the entire piece must be lightly sanded by hand.  These finishes are versatile and can be modern industrial or modern depending on the decor of the room.

Luxury Patina finishes for metal table bases
Custom metal table base; statement table

Double Arch Trestle Pedestal in Polished Steel

modern industrial pedestal table base

8 Point Star Pedestal in Black Patina

Custom Filing Cabinet; Custom Credenza; modern industrial

Credenza with Black Patina on Metal Top and Steel Gray Patina insets