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Cross Tables: Spider Style Table Legs

  • Dining tables 

  • Conference tables, meeting tables, boardroom tables

  • Pedestal tables

  • Statement tables

  • Sofa tables and accent tables

  • Foyer tables and entryway tables

  • Coffee tables and console tables

  • Kitchen islands, tall kitchen tables

  • For any residential, hospitality or commercial applications

The CROSS Collection by Invictus Steelworks

A popular and timeless collection of Cross tables or spider style tables legs   available in custom dimensions and finishes for just about any application from coffee table to conference table and everything in between.  Extremely sturdy, the Cross table design can support any kind of tabletop and like all of our designs, will be prepared to receive your tabletop.  This unique design is an excellent choice for glass, wood, or stone tabletops, including granite, quartzite or marble.

What is a Cross table?  

A spider table is a style of table with eight spokes, with the top and bottom of the table being mirror images of each other.  It is a style of table.  A Cross table is a spider style table.  


At Invictus Steelworks, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of this handmade design, setting it apart from every other spider style base on the market.  How do we do this?  The answer is in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the design, combined with the material and the attention to detail.

The quality and craftsmanship is unparalleled because we don't take short cuts.  We do the extra work, from a perfectly aligned fit up to all the extra grinding of welds to make this design a true Invictus table.  Here are a few of the design details that make the Cross table our best selling table design five years running:

  • Material:  Square tubing versus Rectangular tubing

    • Invictus Cross tables are made of square tubing ​​set on a 45 degree angle, giving the design a unique, three dimensional appearance from all angles.

    • Most spider table are made out of rectangular tubing, giving the base a two dimensional spindly look, especially in larger dimensions.

  • Scaling to size

    • By using square tubing, we are able to proportionally scale the material to the application without changing the feel of the design, unlike those made of rectangular tubing.

  • Quality and Craftsmanship:  

    • We spent years honing this design to perfection.  We do it right, and it shows in the details of the design.

    • The key is in paying close attention to the details that aren't visible in the finished product rather than focusing on the end result at the start.   By taking the time to properly fabricate the design, by not taking shortcuts or cutting corners to save time or increase profit, we have elevated the Invictus Cross table to unique, unparalleled design.  We believe that by focusing on the details that you don't see makes the end result that much finer.

  • Fit up:  We spend extra time executing a proper fit up, which includes aligning 8 spokes on multiple different planes, which is not an easy task and is significantly more technical than what goes into building out of rectangular tubing.​  This means every custom dimension will have a different layout, and every Cross table we build is started from scratch to achieve perfection.

  • Why is fit up important?  ​​​​

    • No great design can be poorly executed.  Because we do the fit up correctly, you won't see a plate or a surround covering the center of any of our Cross tables.  This requires a highly technical skill set and extra time, but we think it's worth it.  

  • Welds:  

    • The Cross table has no visible welds at the center point or feet.  Grinding steel is a laborious, physically demanding job.  We do the hard work to finish our Cross tables properly.

    • Where many spider tables have an unsightly weld across squared off feet, an unfinished look, our elegant, diamond shaped feet flow in line with the base and have no visible weld.
    • By not hiding the intersection behind a cap, that means we spend the extra time to grind those welds down and blend them in, where a center cap would require much less labor and skill.  

  • Preparation to receive your tabletop:  

    • Unlike many spider tables that come only with mounting plates for wood welded on top of the base, we prepare every Cross table to properly receive your tabletop.  Mounting your tabletop improperly can cause your tabletop undue stress and lead to and potential breakage.  We ensure every base ships prepared to give your tabletop the proper support.

      • Glass​:  handmade glass levelers

      • Wood: pre-driled mounting straps

      • Stone, including granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, cement and other stone tabletops:  a fully integrated support apron designed to spread the weight of the stone across the base and support the stone as it requires.

The Cross collection includes several designs, including Cross tables for any shaped table top, including round, square rectangular, oval, boat shaped or live edge.  Designs include standard Cross tables, trestle style Cross tables, and the Starburst Cross, which is a new design.  All Cross tables available in custom dimensions and finishes, and can be customized for any application.  Cross tables are available for any shaped top.  All of our work is made to order and built to suit, and is handmade by steel artist and furniture designer Robert Simmons, in Utah, USA.  Contact us about personalizing a Cross table today and experience the Invictus difference.

Finish options

With over 100 finish options to choose from, we offer one of the most robust selections of fine custom finishes available.  Our finish options include fine architectural paints, polished or brushed steel, hand applied patinas and powder coat options.  Learn more about finish option on our finish page.

Included with your metal table base order

Most orders include the following: