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Frequently Asked Questions | Terms of Sale 

Invictus Steelworks specializes in statement furniture, luxury metal table bases, sculptural tables, dining tables, modern and industrial desks, console tables and more.  FAQ's are a great place to learn more about our process, policies, and terms of sale.

About our work

All of our work is made to order and built to suit in custom dimensions and finishes.  Customize something from our existing portfolio or have us design something especially for you.  All of our work is made by hand, nothing is machined, and our designs are unquestionably unique. We specialize in statement furniture, including dining tables, conference tables, modern or industrial desks.  We do accept select commissions for custom sculpture and gazebos.  Customize a design from our existing portfolio or have us design something especially for you!

Why choose custom handmade furniture?

Quality & Craftsmanship

Our unique designs are all handcrafted by Robert Simmons, Master Craftsman with 30 years experience.  Our work can be passed on for generations, and our designs are timeless so they'll never go out of style.

What are your terms?

Terms may be available for qualified orders on a case by case basis.  Acceptance of terms is your agreement to make the final payment upon demand.  Terms are determined on a per order basis, and are typically 50% deposit with remainder due prior to shipping, with the exception of powder coat finishes, in which case final payment is due upon completion of fabrication, prior to powder coat. We do not offer terms on outsourced items such as glass, wood slabs, power modules, etc.  All sales are final and non-refundable.  No items will ship until paid in full.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept ACH transfer, all major credit cards and Apple Pay.  Payment by check must be approved in advance and will extend lead time for bank processing, including any hold time placed on your check by the bank.  Nothing will ship until check is cleared by the bank.

What is your return, cancellation or exchange policy?

Every piece we ship is custom and made to order.  All sales are final, no returns, no exchanges, including deposits.  Please contact us immediately if you have any problem with your shipment.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the continental US.  We can arrange for shipping to Canada or Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska by custom order.  We can ship to a freight terminal, a receiving warehouse, to a residence, office or commercial location.

Can you copy a table I found online or in a store?

It depends.  What we can definitely do is use the table you like as inspiration for a new design with a similar look and feel, but we will not replicate an exact design of any working artist.  We certainly don't appreciate when other artists copy our work and hope they would extend to us the same courtesy.  We can do antique reproductions depending on the style, or replicate items that are no longer being manufactured or aren't otherwise available in the dimensions or finish you are looking for.  

How do you ship? Can you store my finished product for me?

Smaller items are shipped via small parcel service such as UPS or Fedex Ground.  For items exceeding shipping dimensions of small parcel carriers, we ship LTL freight, curb to curb.  Shipping is included in the price of your item.  LTL shipping includes a custom built pallet, packaging and curbside delivery.   Freight insurance is recommended for all shipments and is sold separately from your purchase.  For all residential LTL shipments, we ship appointment required.  For commercial shipments, please ensure you provide any specific information the carrier would need to know, including limited receiving hours or limited access.  

Shipping upgrades are available by custom quotation:

  • Inside delivery

  • Shipping via luxury furniture transporters.  Shipping via furniture transporter can take 4-6 weeks or more, where LTL freight typically delivers in 5-14 days. 

We are unable to store finished items for you.  It is your responsibility to make sure you will be available to receive your shipment after it ships.  If the carrier cannot make the delivery, your shipment will either be stored at your cost at the shipping terminal or returned to us, in which case you will be charged actual return freight costs, actual re-shipping costs and a minimum of $250 storage per month or part there of plus processing fees.  Additional fees may be incurred, including administrative and receiving / reshipping costs.  If you have travel plans, please let us know in advance, we are happy to work with you in ensuring your item ships at a time that you will be available to receive it.

How is my purchase packaged for LTL Freight Shipping?

All items are packaged in accordance with industry standards, either boxed, palletized, blanketed and wrapped, or crated, depending on the specific item, method of transport and level of service requested.  There are additional fees for crating.  Contact us for a custom quote.  

What is your lead time?

Our lead time varies but is approximately 8-10 weeks.  Powder coat finishes are outsourced and may take longer.  We do our best to provide the approximate lead time at the time the order is placed.  Once turned over to the carrier  for delivery, we have no control over the actual delivery date, but items are typically delivered within 5-7 business days of being picked up, depending on your location.  All of our lead times are estimated.

How do I receive an LTL Shipment?  What do I do if it's damaged?

Invictus Steelworks takes every precaution possible to avoid damages during shipping by adhering to industry best practices and standards for palletized and wrapped shipping.  Shipping damage is rare, it is important to follow specific receiving procedures.  They are key to ensuring your freight insurance remains in effect.

As the consignee, it is your obligation under the terms of the freight insurance to inspect upon receipt for damage.  If there is any damage, it must be documented on the proof of delivery receipt and signed by both you and the driver.  Failure to adhere to receiving instruction may completely invalid your claim.  

Receiving Checklist:

  • Visually inspect packaging.  Take photos of the packaging if it appears to be damaged.

  • Remove packaging and inspect your shipment.  If the shipment has arrived undamaged, sign the proof of delivery.

  • If your shipment is scratched or is otherwise damaged, document the damage on the proof of delivery. Simply write "Damaged, refused", and refuse the shipment, UNLESS it a minor scratch on an architectural paint finish only.  We can provide touch up paint for minor scratches in a paint finish.  For all other finishes, REFUSE the shipment.

  • If you have to refuse the shipment, you MUST provide us with photographs of damage for insurance purposes within 24 hours by emailing them to  

  • We must be notified immediately if a shipment is damaged or refused so we can notify the carrier that a claim is forthcoming and make arrangements to have the shipment returned to us for repair or replacement.

  • The best course of action is to text us at 801-989-4253 while the carrier is still there so we can assist you and ensure the smoothest transaction.  We are happy to help you determine whether the shipment should be refused and returned to us for repair or replacement, and we will help ensure that the terms of the freight insurance remain intact.

  • The shipping insurance requires that the packaging and pallet is retained until the claim is settled.  Unless the damage is a scratch in a paint finish, the packaging should be put back on the shipment as best you can when it's returned to us.

  • If a carrier denies your right to inspect, you may accept the shipment if it looks to be in good condition, with intact packaging and nothing untoward.  If the packaging appears damaged, begin by photographing the shipment before unwrapping.  Write "Inspection refused by Carrier" on the proof of delivery.  You must notify Invictus Steelworks immediately if such a situation occurs so we can put the carrier on notice.  You must inspect the shipment immediately upon acceptance, and notify Invictus Steelworks if there is any damage.  We must be notified no later than the day of delivery to protect your insurance status.

There are no additional consideration for loss or damage in shipping other than the insurance claim.  Under no circumstance will a refund be issued as a result of damage incurred during shipping. That is the sole purpose of your shipping insurance, and the sole remedy. 

Invictus Steelworks must have a damaged item returned to us for repair or replacement.  In the event that a damaged item is accepted, for any reason other than inspection refused later found to be in need of repair, you will be responsible for freight and repair costs if a claim is unable to be filed.  If you accept a shipment in need of repair, you will be responsible for round trip shipping to Invictus and back to you.  Invictus Steelworks will repair or replace any damaged item as quickly as we can after a claim is settled.  If you have any questions regarding how to receive or inspect a shipment, email beth@invictussteelworks for guidance prior to your delivery, or text 801-989-4253 if you have questions at time of delivery.

IMPORTANT:  On occasion, a freight driver may offer advice as to how to proceed.  Be advised that the driver does not work for the insurance company, our shipments are not insured through the carrier, and the driver cannot make any binding promise to you regarding a claim, or what will or will not be covered.  Contact us immediately if you are being given instructions that do not mirror the instructions provided herein.  The receiving instructions above are the only valid instructions per the terms of the insurance.  "Taking the word" of a well intentioned driver will not guarantee payment on any claim.  Text us for assistance if you have questions.

We are here to help make sure your delivery goes smoothly and partner with you to ensure all terms of the insurance remain intact.  To that end, we photograph every shipment and every stage of packaging prior to releasing your shipment to the carrier so we can always prove any damage incurred was in fact incurred by the carrier.

How do I receive a Fedex or other small parcel shipment?

For items shipped via Fedex or other small parcel shippers, a signature its required at time of delivery for any item valued at over $500. Please ensure you provide an address where someone will be present to sign.  All small parcel shipping is shipped insured, and compliance with terms of insurance is requiredd.  Before signing for any package, inspect the packaging.  If it appears damaged, take a photo of the packaging.  If you see damage to the item, take a photo, and refuse the shipment.  If damage is discovered after the item is signed for, email photographs of the packaging and the damaged product immediately to  We must have notification of damage and photographs within 24 hours or you will waive your right to file a claim.  All packaging and the damaged item must be retained until the claim is settled.  Invictus Steelworks will replace your shipment as soon as the claim is paid. 

Mark of Handmade

Congratulations on your new handmade Invictus Steelworks piece!  Handmade pieces and manufactured pieces are very different.  The slight imperfections of a handmade piece are what make it beautiful, and uniquely one of a kind.   Marks of manufacture are normal in a handmade piece and to be expected.  If your expectations are absolute perfection, we recommend ordering something made on a product line.  We like to describe our work as perfectly imperfect.  

Lead time on non-Invictus accessories and powder coating

Glass and other ancillary products or services ordered on your behalf, including powder coating finishes, are provided by outside vendors.  Invictus Steelworks has no control over the lead time for ancillary products and services.  We work closely with all of our vendors to meet our estimated lead time, but we are not responsible for delays incurred by our vendors.  

Legal Disclosure and Limitation of Liability

Invictus Steelworks is expressly not responsible for delays in shipping or fabrication due to inclement weather, injury, equipment breakdown or other unforeseen events.  We are not responsible for delays in receiving ancillary products, including but not limited to custom glass or other products not made by Invictus Steelworks, or unanticipated time required for outsourced finishes, including but not limited to powder coating, or for any delay caused by a force majeure event, including acts of God, including but not limited to fire, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, wind storms, blizzards, pandemics, terrorism or threats of terrorism, riots or other civil unrest, strikes, including but not limited to disruptions in the transportation system or supply chain challenges, Covid restrictions, road closures, equipment breakdown, electric interruption, or other events beyond the reasonable control of Invictus Steelworks.  


Invictus Steelworks liability for gross negligence is limited to direct damages not to exceed the value of the order, and in no event is Invictus Steelworks responsible for indirect, consequential, punitive, liquidated or any other type of damages.  


Not withstanding, Invictus Steelworks is not liable for any issue beyond our reasonable control, including loss or damage incurred by a freight company, delays in delivery, etc.  No recourse is available for delayed shipments.  Once a shipment is turned over to the carrier, it is under their care.  Governing law for any dispute shall be the state of Utah, and any disputes shall be resolved via binding arbitration, provided a cure notice of no less than 30 days to remedy any issues has been provided to the company by registered or otherwise trackable mail delivered with signature required.

Finish Samples

Invictus Steelworks does not offer free finish samples.   All of our work is made to order in custom finishes.  Finishes are ordered as needed. Our clients choose from a robust line of over 100 finishes, and due to shelf life, space and cost of luxury specialty finishes, it would be impossible to keep them fresh and in stock.  After an order has been placed and a finish has been selected, we can send you a finish sample of your selected finish if agreed upon at time of deposit, with the exception of powder coat finishes.  Any changes in finish after the finish product has been purchased will result in change fees for new finish, which is a minimum fee of $250.  Finish samples may be purchased before an order is placed, starting at $75.  

Photos and Ownership of Photos

Invictus Steelworks enjoys copyright protection for all photos on our website, and any platform on which we may have posted them.  Should you submit photos of your order upon installation to us, you agree that you have transferred ownership of the copyright to Invictus Steelworks, to use as we see fit.  No personally identifying information is shared linking any photo to any particular client.  Our photos represent years of hard work and are not for distribution without our express written authorization.  They are not to be distributed to anyone for the purpose of reproducing our designs at any time for any reason.

Privacy Policy

Invictus Steelworks cares about your privacy.  This privacy policy explains our policy and procedures regarding any information we collect from you, including how we collect, use and share the information you share with us.  This Privacy Policy also explains how you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  By providing information to us, you agree to the terms and conditions of our Policy.

Information we may collect and how we use it:  

The information we collect is necessary for us to fill or quote an order for you.  Unless required by law or for the purpose of filling your order, we do not share or sell your information.  For shipping purposes, we are required to collect your name, shipping address, and phone number, and if you are making a purchase shipping to a business, we need the name of the business for shipping purposes.  This information may be shared with freight carriers to fulfill your order. 


We safeguard your information with the same level of care as we would our own.  For ancillary purchases such as glass, your name, address and phone number may be provided to suppliers for the purpose of shipping your order directly to you from the manufacturer.  This information is shared with vendors and/or suppliers only on a need to know basis.  The same information is provided to the insurance company to insure your order.  If you make a payment online, we do not receive your credit card information nor do we retain it.  For over the phone payments any identifying information, including your credit card number, is destroyed.  We do not retain credit card information provided to us for over the phone payments for any reason.

No other information is collected or retained. Kindly direct any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy to via email, or call 801-605-8082.  You may also direct a letter to:  3677 N. Highway 126, Suite M, Farr West, UT 84404.

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