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Unique and Eclectic Custom Metal Table Bases

  • Dining tables 

  • Conference tables, meeting tables, boardroom tables

  • Pedestal tables

  • Statement tables

  • Sofa tables and accent tables

  • Foyer tables and entryway tables

  • Coffee tables and console tables

  • Sculptural tables

ELEGANCE Collection by Invictus Steelworks

Invictus Steelworks ELEGANCE collection is an eclectic collection of custom, handmade metal table bases that are as attractive as they are unusual.  From our unique Rocket table, a round pedestal table base designed to capture motion in a stationary piece, to eclectic console tables and sculptural statement dining table bases, this collection will captivate you with its ingenuity.  

Like all of our metal table bases, the finish can make these designs anything from modern to industrial.  All of our work is custom, made to order and built to suit.  Handmade by steel artist and furniture maker Robert Simmons in the USA.

While shopping this collection, or any of our collections, use your imagination.  We can scale most of our designs for any application.  Often times, the finish will be the determining factor in style.  A pedestal table base in a black patina might seem modern industrial, but imagine it in a stunning gold or bronze powder coat, a ruby red architectural paint or a bright and shiny hand polished steel for a bold or modern look.  Every photo on our website was once a custom order.   Contact us for more information!