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Furniture Designer, Steel Artist

Robert Simmons specializes in custom metal furniture designs, statement furniture, unique gazebos and original steel sculpture. He designs and fabricates exceptional furniture, from coffee tables to dining and conference tables and anything in between.  All designs are made to order in custom dimensions and finishes.


Robert’s work can be found in galleries, homes, offices and hotels from coast to coast. He has exhibited at many prestigious shows including the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City, and locally, at the Kimball Park City Arts Festival. 


Born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah, Robert Simmons has almost 30 years of experience bending steel.  He’s done everything from erecting multi-storied buildings to creating exceptional modern art.  Robert takes inspiration from every day life around us, including architecture, classic literature, science and philosophy.

When he's not building beautiful steel designs, Robert enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle, old British race cars, boats, reading, writing stories, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two dogs.  

He doesn't understand why people from New Jersey are obsessed with New Jersey pizza.  Strangers stop him on the street because they think he's Wolverine.


Beth is from Northern New Jersey.   Prior to co-founding Invictus Steelworks with her husband, Beth enjoyed an exciting career in Contracts Management, mainly in the private side of the defense industry.  She also spent several years as a consultant for businesses that were expanding into government contracts from commercial sales.  Her experience included contract negotiation and management, proposal writing, corporate compliance, policy writing, and corporate training and education. 


Beth handles the business end of Invictus, and can also be found in the shop, where she does the hand applied patinas and helps Robert however she can.  She is responsible for coordinating logistics, custom quotes, and customer service.  When she's not in the shop, Beth enjoys fly fishing, reading, cooking, baking, and traveling.  She doesn't do any of those things because she's always in the shop.  She misses New Jersey pizza.

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