This gazebo was designed by Robert Simmons of Invictus Steeworks.  It was made completely by hand, including all of the bends in the steel.  This was installed on a windy mountaintop in Colorado, at a private residence with an amazing Southern view.


Shown with matte black legs, copper edges along the roof line/rain guard, and a pewter roof, the gazebo is comprised of seven pieces.  There are four curved legs, a frame for the roof, and two pieces comprising the wave of the roof.


Assembles easily with bolts.  Dimensions are approximately 8x8x10 as shown.  Custom dimensions are available, as are custom designs.


Best installed on cement pads or slab.


The waved roof on the gazebo is multi-purpose.  It serves as a vertical chimney for a fire pit, and is also designed to keep rain water from splashing underneath.  


This gazebo was featured in Utah Style & Design magazine their 2015 Fall Stylemakers section.  Photos were taken in the Bonneville Salt Flats and at the client's home during installation.


Gazebos are all custom designed.  We can re-create something similar to this design in a custom finish, or design a new gazebo especially for you.


Contact us for details.  


Price negotiable, depending on requirements.  You are responsible for installing the cement pads or slab.  Installation is available.


All sales are final, no returns or cancellations on custom gazebos.  

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  • All sales are final. No returns, refunds or cancellations.