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How to order: Unless otherwise noted, all of our work is made to order in custom dimensions and finishes. For those few listings that are in stock and ready to ship, simply add to your cart and check out. For our custom, made to order work, follow the instructions below: 1. Select your finish from the dropdown box. Finishes can be viewed by scrolling through the photos for each listing. 2. To select an architectural paint finish, select architectural paint and enter the color code in the order notes section. 3. In the notes section, enter the material and dimensions of your tabletop so we know how to prepare your base to receive your top. Ex. Glass, 96x42x1/2, Wood, 120x28x2" or Stone, 84x42" 3 cm thick

table top sculpture, abstract sculpture, statement sculpture, steel sculpture, metal art

Metal Sculpture | Gallery Art | Abstract Art


One of a Kind Metal Sculpture:  "Baby in the Devil's Arms"


At first glance, this statement sculpture may appear to be very simple. Two swooping polished steel arms with a black patina interior, turning in on each other, never crossing, not even touching, hugging a bright red sphere that is almost invisibly suspended in the center.


On second or third glance, you may start to notice there is much more to this piece than meets the eye, and its all in the angle from which this table top sculpture is viewed. 


Artist Statement: This original abstract sculpture artfully represents all that is good and all that is evil, all that is corrupt, and all that is innocent. It represents the gentleness of a mother’s love, while at the same time, the hideousness of all that is depraved, all depending on where you are standing when you look at it.  


From the front, it has simple beauty, a peaceful harmony.  From the sides, the gently crossing arms you saw from the front angle have a feeling of despair, a willingness to do anything to get back to the light.


Standing 27" tall, this modern sculpture perfect for statement art for living rooms, entryways, offices, center tables, or anwhere you want to make a unique statement with metal artwork.  


Made in the USA