How to Choose the Best Desk: A Guide to Buying a Cool Desk

The vaccine is rolling out across the country. Americans are shedding their work from home Zoom friendly shirts they've been stylishly pairing with their favorite pajama bottoms for the past year, dusting off their business casual attire and preparing to head back to the office. Some companies have adapted to the "new normal", and work from home remains an option.

Whether you work from home or a commercial office, selecting a desk can be a daunting task. With so many options, features, design styles, types of desks and price points, it's hard to know where to start. The challenge is how to choose the best desk, the one that works for you. Whether you need a home office desk, a statement desk for a busy executive's office or home office, a reception desk, a functional L desk, or a straight forward writing desk, there is the perfect desk out there for you once you know what you need.

The pandemic changed the way Americans work, and offices and work styles across the country are evolving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker spends approximately 260 days a year working. That's a lot of hours behind a desk. This article covers helpful things to think about when choosing a desk to help you can decide what style and features best suit your needs. Knowing these thing in advance will help you maximize the time you spend sitting behind that desk, and make your shopping experience easier when you know what you need.

Before publishing this article, we surfed the internet to see what manufacturers were saying about buying a desk. There was one glaring thing in common. They expect you to adapt your work style to their product. They have completely removed YOU, the user, out of the equation. They push their bells and whistles, their price, their free shipping, but they don't put you first.

We wrote this article based on our seven years experience in building handmade custom desks for both commercial offices and home offices. It wasn't until we had completed the article that we decided to compare what we wrote to what others were saying, to check on what value we were adding to our readers. While there is some overlap, much of the view presented by the manufacturer was narrowed to their own standard product line. It was surprising to find that manufacturers don't want you to think about how you work, and instead ask you to focus on their talking points. They spend a lot of time telling you how you would be able to make their desk work for you, without knowing what your needs are. At Invictus Steelworks, we help you make your desk work for you with custom configurations, dimensions, finishes and unique and original styles paired with features that you need to make your desk and working space perfect for you. We hope you find this guide to finding an awesome desk helpful in untangling all the information out there about this necessary piece of office furniture.

Things to Consider when Buying a Desk

A little knowledge will go a long way helping you decide what desk to buy. Our list provides you with a brief overview, and more detailed information can be found below. Narrowing down your search before you start will make finding the perfect desk for you easier and less time consuming because you know exactly what you are looking for.