Plexiglass Sneeze Guards, Barriers & Shields for Social and Physical Distancing

Available in standard and custom configurations for desks, tables, counters, classrooms, receptions areas, and more.  We can help you configure your sneeze barrier to your work, not the way you work around your sneeze barrier.

Invictus Steelworks plexiglass sneeze guards create a clear barrier allowing for safer interactions where social distancing isn't optimal during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Moreover, our acrylic barriers are designed to be durable, sturdy, and as attractive as a plexiglass barrier can be.  OSHA states "While sneeze guards don’t completely prevent the transmission of viruses, they play an important role in the safety of employees and customers and will continue to do so in the future."   We can help you give your employees and customers a sense of security in returning to work or utilizing your services where face to face interactions are necessary.

Shop our standard options in the links below.  Contact us for custom dimensions and configurations.

Plexiglass Sneeze Guard | Custom Sneeze Barriers
Sneeze Guard for Counter | Desk Sneeze Barrier
Acrylic Barriers | Plexiglass Shield | Sneeze Guards

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommend installing barriers, especially where physical distancing can't be easily be maintained.  Our made to order sneeze shields in custom configurations can help your business comply with these recommendations.

OSHA Guidelines for Sneeze Barriers

  • At fixed workstations where workers are not able to remain at least 6 feet away from other people, transparent shields or other solid barriers (e.g., plexiglass, flexible strip curtains) should be installed to separate workers from other people.

  • The barriers should block face-to-face pathways between individuals in order to prevent direct transmission of respiratory droplets. The posture (sitting or standing) of users should be considered when designing and installing barriers.

  • Where an opening in the barrier is necessary to permit the transfer of items, the opening should be as small as possible.

  • Barriers do not replace the need for physical distancing – 6 feet of separation should be maintained between individuals whenever possible.

Freestanding Sneeze Shields For Counters and Sneeze Shields For Desks:  Built to Suit and Made to Order 

Invictus Steelworks sneeze shields are in high demand.  Our plastic protective barriers are attractive and stable and can be purchased in standard sizes or in custom dimensions and configurations.  Contact us about custom configurations.  We can help you adapt your sneeze barriers to your work instead of your work to your sneeze guard.  We can cover long spans and maintain sturdiness with custom made bracketing.  Custom heights are available.  Our sneeze guards are woman made, by Beth Simmons.  Read the in-depth backstory on sneeze guards to learn more about this product line.

Contact us for a quote on custom dimensions or configurations.

About Invictus Steelworks Sneeze Guards
  • Plexiglass panels are seated in sturdy metal bases.

  • Get the right dimensions for every application, you don't have to settle.

  • Never damage your desk, table or counter tops, no drilling into surfaces required.

  • Our proprietary bracketing system allows for many custom free standing configurations.  (See below)

  • Assembles in minutes.  All you need is a Phillips head screw driver and 3/8" wrench.  Don't fall for the no tools required, anything hand tighten will not be as stable.

  • Panels are easily replaced if needed.

  • Store when not in use, put up whenever you need to use them.

We can configure sneeze guards for any requirement 

  • Medical or dental offices

  • Reception areas for any office or building

  • Counters, including point of sale areas

  • Desks, tables, lunch areas and workspaces

  • Gas stations, dry cleaners, banks, retail customer service areas

  • Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, bars, sushi bars

  • Schools and classrooms

  • Manicurist / Nail tech stations

  • Virtually any area or business where employees interface with each other or with customers for peace of mind

Configurations:  Contact us for custom configurations!

  • Free standing panels, clamp on or floor standing styles, including:

    • Single panels

    • L shaped (18" return on left or right side)

    • U Shaped (18" return on both sides)

    • X shaped table top dividers

    • T shaped table top divider

  • Portable freestanding floor dividers for cafeterias, lunch rooms, or meeting rooms, employee break areas and public areas.

  • Restrooms:  Urinal and sink area dividers

  • Office cubby dividers to mount on dividing walls

Tired of looking through cloudy plexiglass?  Clean your sneeze guard properly to prevent clouding!

To clean plexiglass, we do not recommend using any product containing ammonia, including Windex.  Dilute a mild dish soap in water in a spray bottle and wipe with a clean soft cloth. This inexpensive solution will help keep your sneeze barrier clear and require fewer replacements!  


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