Invictus Steelworks Sneeze Guards for Counters, Desk tops, tables or other application

Sneeze Guards are in extremely high demand.  Orders are filled in the order they are received.

Pricing subject to change based on cost of plexiglass.  Lock in your price today.  

To best serve our customers, standard sizing with custom cut outs can be purchased through Etsy. 

Click here to place your order.

Contact us for a quote on custom dimensions or configurations.  We offer flat panels, connected flat panels, L, U, X and T shaped panels, free standing panels, and hanging or floor mounted panels and free design on custom configurations.    Clamp on and floor based sneeze guards available by custom order.

COMING SOON:  Decorative sneeze guards, custom greenhouses for outdoor dining and bars, and more to help move your business forward into the new normal!

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Flat Panels

18"L x 24"H:  $199.75

18" L x 30" H:  $208.25

24" L x 24" H:  $208.25

24" L x 30" H:  $233.75

36" L x 24" H:  $250.75

36" L x 30" H:  $276.75

48" L x 24" H:  $284.75

48" L x 30" H:  $306

60" L x 24" H:  $463.25

60" L x 30" H: $463.25

L Shape

L Shape configurations come with 18" returns, specify left or right side

24" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $399.50

24" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $433.50

36" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $437.75

36" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $484.50

48" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $493

48" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $505.75

U Shape

U Shape configurations come with an 18" return on both sides.

24" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $586.50

24" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $633.25

36" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $629

36" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $684.25

48" L x 18" D x 24" H:  $663

48" L x 18" D x 30" H:  $705.50


  • Free standing

  • No drill, no damage

  • Velcro for under feet 

  • Custom configurations

  • Custom Dimensions

  • Standard sizes too!

  • Contact us for quote!

About our Sneeze Guards

 Invictus Steelworks Sneeze Guards are made to order.  Standard configurations available for purchase here.  Contact us for a quote for custom configurations and dimensions.


  • Invictus sneeze guards are seated in a study metal frame.

  • Custom dimensions for every application, you don't have to settle for almost!

  • Never damage your desk, table or counter tops.  No drilling required.

  • Industrial velcro included for making unit extremely stable.

  • Our proprietary bracketing system allows for many custom free standing configurations.  (See below)

  • Assembles in minutes with a Phillips head screw driver and 3/8" wrench.

  • Panels are easily replaced, never replace the entire system for a scratched panel.

  • Store when not in use, put up whenever you need to use them.

  • Save money over time with a sturdier, attractive alternative that can be used year after year.





  • Medical and dental offices of every kind

  • Reception areas for any office or building

  • Desks, tables, lunch areas and workspaces

  • Gas stations, dry cleaners, banks, any retail customer service or point of sale area

  • Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops

  • Manicurist / Nail tech stations

  • Virtually any business where employees interface with each other or with customers



  • Free standing panels, clamp on, hanging or floor standing styles

  • L shaped (18" return on left or right side)

  • U Shaped (18" return on both sides)

  • X shaped table top dividers

  • T shaped table top dividers

  • Hanging Sneeze Guards

  • Portable dividers for cafeterias, lunch rooms, or meeting rooms, employee break areas and public areas.

  • Restrooms:  Urinal and sink area dividers

  • Office cubby dividers to mount on dividing walls

To clean plexiglass, we do not recommend using any product containing ammonia, including Windex.  While there are many products available, the least expensive and most common way to clean is with a diluted antibacterial dish soap and clean cloth. 





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