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Invictus Steelworks offers made to order, high quality handmade custom metal table bases. We offer a variety of unique metal furniture designs. Visit our shop to see our collections of luxury dining room tables, sculptural table bases, statement tables, industrial desks and more. All of our work is handmade in the Utah, United States.

All of our work is made to order and built to suit in custom dimensions. This is what is often called bespoke furniture. Our fine heirloom quality handmade metal table bases are sturdy and stable, and built to last a lifetime.

Our fine heirloom quality steel furniture designs are sturdy and stable, and built to last a lifetime.  Whether you are looking for heavy duty metal furniture legs for granite, marble or quartzite, or an elegant metal dining table base for glass, we can help.  We also offer custom sneeze guards.  All of our work is designed and fabricated by steel artist Robert Simmons.

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Luxury Handmade Metal Furniture for the Home or Office:

  • Dining room tables

  • Pedestal tables and trestle tables

  • Console tables, coffee tables, cocktail tables and side tables

  • Foyer tables or entryway tables

  • Tulip table bases and hourglass bases

  • Conference tables and Boardroom tables, including smart conference tables

  • Modern desks, industrial desks, executive desks, computer desks, and writing desks

  • L shaped desks, corner desks, and U shaped desks

  • Credenzas or credenza desks, filing cabinets and office storage

  • Plexiglass sneeze guards and acrylic barriers

  • Metal sculpture, birdbaths, and art furniture

Invictus Steelworks custom metal furniture is handmade.

Steel artist and furniture designer Robert Simmons creates his statement table bases using minimal tooling. He begins every design from scratch, with no templates, drawings, or laser cut parts.

He draws his laying using soapstone on the steel. Then he makes fine adjustments until he's satisfied with the shape. Simmons uses the steady hand of 30 years of experience to cut shapes freehand before expertly fitting and welding his designs.

His artistry and style shines through in every piece he makes. Invictus Steelworks is known for our unique statement table designs and superior craftsmanship. 


"His work is outrageous...inspired, original and fantastically executed....bravo! ~NYC Interior Designer

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Sculptural Dining Table Base | Metal Table Base For Glass | Cambersphere
Pedestal Table Base Dining Table | Foyer Table | Wave Table
Bespoke Metal Dining Table Base | Spider Table | Cross Table

Things to know before you shop

  • Our furniture designs are presented in collections based on their stylistic similarities.  Dimensions can be scaled to suit. 

  • Bases are available custom dimensions, and most can be made counter height or bar height.

  • All our our table bases are extremely sturdy. We prepare our bases to receive your table top.

  • Everything on our site was once a custom order for someone like you. Peruse our site with your imagination and be inspired!

About our Collections

  • CAMBER Collection:  Sculptural tables and Statement tables boasting Invictus Steelworks trademark swooping curves and arches. This collection of steel table bases and pedestal tables includes a variety of designs that can be scaled for any application. Elegant yet sturdy in design, these steel table bases can support heavy stone tops with ease. The designs in this collection are nothing short of art furniture, sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • CROSS Collection:  Versatile and timeless, our CROSS collection of metal table bases can be made for virtually any application. Sometimes called Spider tables, we prefer to call them Cross tables. The steel beams are perfectly aligned, giving the illusion that they crash through each other. This collection also includes cross style trestle tables, tri-leg pedestal designs and our Starburst Cross.

  • CLARITY Collection:  This collection features minimalist designs with straight lines. Table bases in our Clarity Collection make a statement of their own through their simplistic elegance. See Art Deco style table bases, parsons table bases, and trapezoid table base design in this collection. Stable and sturdy, they can support any kind of table top.

  • ELEGANCE Collection:  An eclectic collection of metal table bases that are as attractive as they are unusual.  This collection includes unique pedestal tables, console tables and coffee table designs. This collection will captivate you with its distinctive designs. Like all of our tables, the finish can make these designs anything from modern to industrial.

  • GENESIS Collection:  Highlighting our most industrial style designs, this collection is industrial with a modern edge. Change the finish to a bright powder coat, and these designs can be as modern as you like. We think you'l find this collection of modern industrial steel furniture unique and inspiring.

  • WORKSPACE Collection:  We offer a robust line of industrial desks, executive desks L shaped desks for the home office or office, smart conference tables, boardroom tables and meeting tables. Well suited for any office space, we invite you to choose from a wide selection of modern and industrial office furniture. We also offer, credenzas, custom filing cabinets and more. 


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