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Glass Options:  Clear, Textured & Backpainted

Clear Glass and Low Iron Glass

Glass is one of the most commonly used tabletop materials, and it's an excellent option to complement almost any of  Invictus Steelworks  custom metal table bases.  We offer both clear glass and low iron glass in custom dimensions and thicknesses of 1/2" and 3/4"".   We recommend 1/2" as the minimum thickness for any custom table.  Clear glass is not available thicker than 3/4" without being textured.


Many clients ask us if there really is a difference between clear glass and low iron glass.   Whether you are shopping for simple glass top or an architectural glass top, you'll want to know the different between these two options before you make your purchase.  


Standard clear glass has a green cast to it.  The cast is caused by the iron oxide used during the manufacturing process.  Low iron glass has a reduced iron content, which eliminates the majority of the green cast.   Low iron glass can increase light transparency by up to 6%, while clear glass may skew the color of your base.   

Difference between clear glass tabletops

Textured Glass

Invictus Steelworks is pleased to offer our clients a fine selection of custom artisan textured glass.  There are may patterns to choose from in kiln formed or cast textured glass.  Cast glass is available in 1/2" and 3/4", while kiln formed glass is available from 3/4" to 4" thick.  Contact us about specific textures for more information and custom pricing.

Textured glass is excellent option if you are looking to create a statement piece.


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